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Dr. Chimney Sweep has been the trusted chimney care provider for over 5 years. We are proud to offer quality service at affordable prices, ensuring that every family can afford the best chimney care maintenance possible.

Our philosophy is based on three principles:

– Professionalism

– Community Involvement

– Trustworthy Deals


Dr. Chimney Sweep Professionals You Can Rely Upon! Our team believes that regular professional chimney cleaning should be a household necessity, no matter whether you use your fireplace often or not; it's imperative to maintain optimal air quality in your home by having your flues and vents thoroughly cleaned every year without fail. Over time when debris accumulates inside the chimneys, they can become a serious fire hazard. This is why every member of our team is extensively trained and equipped for dealing with any situation, so there's really no job too big or too small for them to handle. An Annual Chimney Inspection Is The Only Way To Detect Problems In Time! When you hire Dr. Chimney Sweep, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your chimney flue, a crucial step in maintaining it. We will be looking out for signs of cracks, leaks, loose bricks which could cause an issue if left unattended to over time, not to mention creosote buildup which occurs when there's incomplete combustion of fuel (gas, wood) and becomes highly combustible.









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Chimney and Fire-place Sweeping and Cleaning.

Dr.Chimney Sweep is a professional company that specializes in cleaning and maintaining chimneys. We have chosen to perform work with one of the most powerful tools of nature, fire.

Why Chimney Checkups are Necessary?

We are able to clean a chimney by hand or with a machine called a power brush. We understand the importance of protecting ourselves from burns and dealing with toxic fumes given off from creosote buildup, which can accumulate at dangerous levels inside of a fireplace.

Chimney Construction Installations.

Dr. Chimney Sweep offer service calls for cleaning customers' masonry fireplaces, woodstoves, and gas fireplaces as well as chimney service and repairs. Chimneys need to be cleaned yearly, and a power brush can provide more thorough cleaning than manual sweeping.